Were you to make this declaration to your husband - and stick by it - what do you think he would do?

Would he physically punish you or scream at you to the point of injuring you - to the point of your inability to refuse to comply for having been tortured into it?

Would he divorce you?

What other wonderful incentive would you imagine he might provide the wife he supposedly loves?

[And "what a guy" he must be, about whom such a list of alternatives can be assembled.]

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 May 22 - 17:13 | reply to this comment
What would he do?
I can't imagine. What would anyone do if told something so silly? I mean, my husband could say to me "I'm not going to work any more, I'm fed up with it, I'm going to spend all day in the workshop making engines" (which is what he would like to do)Then what could I do? Go out to work myself (my earning capacity was never much above the minimum wage) and where would that leave us? My husband earns a substantial salary which keeps us all very comfortably, I would earn probably a fifth of what he earns, if that. I certainly couldn't afford to keep myself in the style to which I have become accustomed, not to mention the children and the husband.