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Global Islamic Shariah Services (GISS) is India’s premier Halal certification agency having office in Delhi,India. We have team of qualified professional to provide Halal food certification services across India and globe in their supervision in best possible manner at affordable rates. Our team have also experience of halal certification this is going to makes us leader in Halal food certification in India with combined experience of certifying more than 50,000 products and more than 1000 production facilities across the world. Think Halal Think GISS has become synonymous. Our objective is to help small and medium enterprise to go for Halal certificate. Our Halal certification services starts from just 500 (USD) onward. If you want to be part of Halal market, let us join hands with us and Get your product Halal certified at lowest cost. We provide Halal certification at lowest cost. If you are looking for affordable Halal Certification in India, then you are at right place. It is frequently asked what is cost of getting Halal food certification or cost of getting Halal certificate. It depends lot of things about complexities of products, production process involved number of units needs to be Halal certified apart from number of product. Halal certification service includes Halal Supervision also. As per Halal practices a product need Halal certificate can be certified if it’s also supported by appropriate supervision, sometime this supervision may be just frequent and sometime regular on continuous basis Further ingredients used in product which need Halal certificate, also should be Halal certified than only it can be accepted as right ingredients which can be used in production process. Halal certificate is issued at manufacturing stage it cannot be granted for just repacking. Further as per standards, Mufti or his representative can have surprised visit to client location to adhere the Shariah law. Getting your product Halal approved will enhance your brand value. A Halal certified product fetch higher price compared to non-Halal product. Ultimately, it’s the consumer who bear the cost. Therefore, it can be said that adopting Halal food certificate services should be viewed as investment instead of cost. Now question is which Halal Certification Agencies India someone should obtain certificate, which Halal symbol is going to help, Today’s world is too large and Halal certificate is issued with one year validity and its recurring cost. Therefore, one should go with professional people who provide best Halal India services at affordable rates and we are one of them whom you can rely. We are one of the leading Halal certification agencies in India which serves pan India and India sub-continent also
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